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i n s p i r e me,

and teach me how to fly.

the life i live,
welcome to a journal where emo posts, majorphail fangirling posts and the unecessary f-page spamming is 100% normal and, expected upon friending 8DD.

basics first?
im nina (if it wasnt obvious enough); i am seventeen years old, turning eighteen(!). filipino, lives in (west) sydney, australia. i have a not-so-slight case of obsessive compulsive disorder, which is probably irrelevant but i just thought of mentioning it :) im currently in my senior year of high school, so consecutive hiatus-es should be expected ;_; hm, what else? uhmm.. i abuse teh CAPSLOCK in times of spazzing and the use of ♥'s in .. well, all the time. i just love ♥'s =DDV.

did i hear you say fandom?
main fandoms are dbsk and shinee. ive only gotten into the dongbang fandom for .. a year now? i know. pretty short time but, hey, once you get in, you cant get out 8D. im a proud, supporting, cassiopeia at heart bbs♥. as for shinee, im confident to say that ive been there since day one♥ (: hm, but i do listen to other groups, mainly kpop though~ like, you know, the occasional bigbang. but oh, i do love superjunior too♥ favourites? hm, i honestly love them all but: dbsk (kimjunsu♥. the. one. for. me. 'nuffsaid). shinee (choiminho♥ mysterious quiet boys? how i fall in love with you aigoo & leejinki♥ my weird adorkable boy!)

ultimate otp forever and evarrr will always be yoosu ♥ they're just way too perfect for each other XD so, yes. a very very dedicated (obsessed) yoosu fangirl right here ;)

lol, im pretty sure a hugee proportion of this goes in an 'intro post' of some sort but heh, im not bothered right now 8D
profile codes
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